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Architecture is the method and outcome of preparing, constructing and creating buildings or all other structures. The design is used to fulfill both functional and artistic needs and thus meets both technical and visual purposes. So here in this article, we will discuss briefly “What is architecture“.

It offers a sense of location and resources for all sorts of events. It makes the man-made blend in with the environment while encouraging safety and well-being, aesthetically and spiritually enriching lives, offering economic prosperity and building a legacy that represents and symbolizes community and traditions.


What is architecture

Architects build the general look of buildings and other structures, but a building’s architecture means much more than its size. Buildings must, therefore, be efficient, secure and cost-effective, and must satisfy the expectations of the citizens who use them. Architects taking all these considerations into consideration when planning houses and other constructions.

It seems to be the art and science of buildings, as well as other physical constructs. A wider description also involves constructing the entire built community from the macro-level of strategic development, industrial design, and landscape architecture to the micro-level of construction specifics and, often, furnishing. The word “Architecture” is often used to include design resources for the profession.

The characteristics which distinguish an architectural work from other constructed structures are listed below:

  • The appropriateness of the work to be used by people in general and its adaptability to particular human behaviors.
  • The consistency and permanence of the development of the project, and the exchange of observations and ideas in its shape.

Although artists work from actual to abstract, it is important that architects function from abstract to actual. Beneath all its shortcomings of infrastructure, health, purpose, environment and economy, architecture awakens us with designs in space and light in the abstract.

Interior Architecture combines the disciplines of interior design and architecture to provide structural and load-bearing education for practitioners working in the field with a focus on interior spaces.

The area is architecturally similar in that it deals with frameworks and bearing walls of the load. It’s close to interior design because it’s based on the interior. Architecture does not have a one-size-fits solution, each building project should adapt to its very specific context: location, environment, social, budget and materials.

Buildings must also be able to age well, adjust to changing requirements and provide versatility to suit different uses. They should also be built sustainably, both in the materials they use during construction and in the energy resources they need to work.

The words ‘ designing‘ and’ engineering‘ have to be made explicit before describing architecture. To make a distinction between the design and the architecture of a system, clarification of the word ‘ designing’ is necessary. All of these words relate to how the systems are designed.

Works of architecture’ talk’ to us in a different, but quietly very significant way. Certain houses, streets, and even entire cities seem to talk of disorder, violence, or military pride; others seem to whisper to us of calm or graceful modesty, kindness, or gentleness.

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