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Signing up with Hamara Mazdoor is easy. And there is no fee to pay for registration. If you are a professional, looking for work from any where in Pakistan, and you are qualified and expert in your occupation, then create a free account with us or phone us. And we will let you know by email and by phone call when there is a work for you. We are in a constant need of professionals no matter whereever you are from Pakistan.

If you are an owner, manager or a contractor and you are looking for any professional for any specific project to be done or to complete a job, then you can also create a free account with us or phone us. There is absolutely nothing for you to pay to Hamara Mazdoor. Hamara Mazdoor will arrange you your required professionals. And there is win win situation for every party who is using Hamara Mazdoor.

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Register with Hamara Mazdoor to simplify trades, for specific work or jobs in your local area. We connect work posters and tradespeople across Pakistan, providing job posters with competitive quotes and tradespeople with ample work. For work posters; post your free job listing and find the best person for the job. For tradespeople; register with us for free and only pay when you’ve bought a lead.

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