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6 Home Maintenance Tips | Winter & Summer Seasons | HamaraMazdoor.com

Home maintenance tips are not limited to repairs. In fact, Maintaining your living space regularly helps to retain its fresh and clean look. For this, you need to stay smart when it comes to home repairs, which are usually recurring.

If they’re not patched in time, they could turn into major faults, which would then force you to contact home repair specialists who could place an extra burden on your pocket. As a homeowner,  it\’s in your best interest to get stuff fixed in your living space on time.

We’ve focused on some home maintenance tips in this blog to help you.


Home Maintenance Tips:

Just as frequent oil changes keep your engine alive and healthy for your vehicle, keeping up with daily home maintenance activities will keep you from possible headaches and wasted money in the future.

1- Restore power to any dead outlets

When you find that any of your power sources are down, we suggest you call a professional electrician to repair them. Now is also an excellent time to verify whether you have GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles near any plumbing fixtures with those “Test” and “Reset” buttons. If you don’t, when you want to sell your house, it is likely to come up in the home inspection.

2- Change the direction of your ceiling fans

For increasing the energy output, you can change the rotation of your ceiling fans twice a year, placing less burden on your heating and cooling systems. Running a winter ceiling fan properly will help you save your heating bill up to 10 percent. If you change the fan’s angle, you adjust the way the air travels, heating, or cooling a room more effectively.

In the summer, you want your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise, forcing down fresh air. On most fans, the directional switch on the motor can be used to adjust the rotation — typically by turning the switch down. During winter, just reverse the turn to get the rotation in a clockwise direction.

3- Clear your drains

Tackle any sluggish drains inside your home until they get stuck. Rather than using a drain cleaner, which can be rough on your pipes, it is easier to snake the drain with a wire, hanger, or clog remover tool.

4- Flush out your water heater

You will have to clean your water heater once a year or have a qualified plumber come in to do it. Draining the water heater will wash out any contaminants or pollutants in the machine, making sure it works more smoother.

5- Check your water bill to track water consumption

It’s hard for several of us to spot a leak in our home before the telltale watermark on the ceiling appears. One of the best ways to keep track of your bill is to watch for leaks and water use.

6- Trim up the trees

Branches that grow too close to your home or power lines can wreak havoc along the road. Fallen tree branches account for the annual home loss of $1 billion. Once a year, if you have trees on your house, bring in a qualified tree trimmer to determine possible problems and cut down trees.

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