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5 tips for an easy house move | HamaraMazdoor Construction Company

Easy House Move: Moving house is one of the most stressful activities you can do. The initial excitement of finding a new location is quickly overtaken by the impending anxiety and awareness of how much stuff you need to pass. Nevertheless, you can make the whole thing much less complicated with these 5 helpful tips and start enjoying your new home in no time.


5 tips For An Easy House Move

Below is the list of the best five easy house move tips that will help you while shifting to a new living place:

1. Gather your essentials

You don’t want to be rummaging around after an errant phone charger on the day of the big move. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it a fully unpacked house, so make sure you’ve got everything you need close at hand.

Prepare an overnight bag with a change of clothes, chargers, all-important gadgets, and basic toiletries to get you through the day. A few snack bars and a bottle of water are also useful, particularly if you have a fully-functioning kitchen nowhere close.

2. Avoid the strain

When it comes to moving big items, a lot of people only think that with an extra pair of hands they can move something. However, as you attempt to navigate a washing machine from a small kitchen, you can find yourself wishing you had thought about buying a sack truck earlier if only to avoid getting your fingers stuck between the frames.

Sack trucks are your best friend as you try to move bulky items out of your house, saving you time and loads of needless pressure. These are also suitable for fast-moving piles of boxes; simply attach them with sturdy bungee cords to the sack truck and save several.

3. Colour code boxes

You packed your car, the moving van pulled away and you’re happy to unpack. The thing is, you’re now seeing other similar boxes filled with a range of kitchenware, bed linen, old photo albums, and toys. Where are you going to start on earth? Color coding is the best way to make sure you’re prepared while moving house. Once you start packing, using a few rolls of colored tape or colored paper to prepare yourself and mark each package specifically according to the space you need to join. That way, you can shift each package to the right room and stop the stress of trying to recall where you’re placing the TV remote.

4. Multitask wrapping

If there are champagne flutes or any other long stem wine glasses, we urge you to slide them into socks to add an extra protective layer. Next time you’re in a shop, pick up some free wine boxes; these are great for packing away your packed bottles, and the flat-pack nature means they’re easy to store until you need them the next time.

5. Make an unpack plan

Once you’re comfortable in your new home, trying to unpack everything at once can be enticing. Although this may sound easier to you, unpacking by room is much more efficient. Write down a list of focus areas and map out which rooms first need to be unpacked. We propose that you continue with the kitchen before going to the bedrooms – that way you will be ensured the two items you will need after a day of unpacking, a good meal and night’s sleep.

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