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Hamara Mazdoor builder is considered one of the best construction companies in Pakistan. Hamara Mazdoor Construction company offers its services all over Pakistan. We offer services in Construction, Builders, Renovation, Interior Designing, and many more. So contact us now and avail the best services from one of the best construction companies in Pakistan.


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At first we had started the company in Pakistan to provide a platform to the general public where they could find suitable tradespeople or labor or contractors for their any specific project or work. Then we would charge a small fee to the tradespeople for finding them work. I had brought this idea from the UK where I lived and worked for more than 10 years. I was confident that my idea will work here in Pakistan so I invested heavily for my own company.

But I was wrong. Soon after launching my business in Pakistan. I realized there are so many gaps that are left out blank in terms of proper training of tradespeople or contractors. In Pakistan, for example, I realized that a traditional mistry (mason) would learn skills from their friends or family rather than going to proper college or institution. Similarly, a electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter, tile fitter etc learn their skills through experience but don’t get an education for that. There is no recognition body that can certify their skills. So when I started my business in Pakistan, all sorts of tradespeople got registered with me but it was difficult for us to judge their skills unless we give them work and judge them by their work. When we started to give them work, many of them received complain by the people who hired them. While I was used sit in office only to handle complain about tradespeople who has only gone to work by registering with us. We were not taking any direct contracts or orders from people as it was not our primary business. We were there just to provide a platform where people can find tradespeople or contractors and register any complain and reviews against tradespeople or contractors profile and show it to other potential hirers.

Soon after receiving complains numerous times for multiple contractors who has found work through us, I started to investigate each complain in depth and cause of it. I did so because I wanted people to hire contractors through me. Most of the time, the issue was responsibility rather than the work itself. For example, people would complain, the mason has not come today while he had promise, the contractor has taken longer time than originally estimated, the contractor is asking more money while we have given as per his work completion, the contractor lacks the skill needed to complete the work.
After analyzing the natures of the issues among customers and contractors, I started to take the responsibility in my own hands so I could best deliver my services to both parties. In other words, I became a contracting firm who was responsible to execute any specific work or project. It became our duty to find the best and deliver the best. Now, it has been more than 8 years since I first took my project as a contracting firm in Pakistan and Alhumdulilah successfully completed more than 27 houses and building related projects since then. An average project lasts for six months. Over the years, I have built a team of my best workers and reliable small sub contractors. Which range from each and everything of any construction related project.
I have built a reputation and a name by hard work and honesty. My business links has expanded to dealers and suppliers of construction related material, scratch to complete, from Gujrat to Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Karachi, Swat, Ziyarat, Chakwal, Jehlum and many more.

I will happily take you to my current and past construction sites. I will happily share with you contact details of my past clients so you can get a feedback from them about our company.




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We are a leading construction company in Pakistan, which does not take projects related to only construction, but also maintenance, solar panels, wooden furniture, ceilings, and many other projects from all over Pakistan at reasonable rates. So if you are thinking to build your next house or improve your current one, please do contact us. We may have some other offers on the hand for you to suit your needs and your pocket.